She's baaaack...Tabatha Takes Over!

God, I love Tabatha Coffey. Please tell me you know her already from "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" on Bravo. Or maybe you watched Shear Genius a while ago (I tried out for that show! We could have been buddies!) and rooted for her to win the ultra-crafty hairstyling competitions.

Tabatha was eliminated in the sixth episode for being less than friendly with with her (admittedly kind of a dumbass) co-stylist, but made a triumphant return when the series ended to claim her $10,000 prize as Fan Favorite. How's that for a first impression?

She would cheerfully beat you with those shoes. 

Tomorrow night, April 4 at 10pm, (omg there's an all-day marathon before! Mom record it for me please?) Tabatha returns to Bravo with a fifth season of ball-busting and tough love, helping clueless salon managers, owners and stylists to pull themselves together. The premise of the show is that Tabatha will fix your business and save you from imminent disaster, but her price is total control. Tabatha fires employees ruthlessly, evaluates and corrects the ones she plans to keep, inspires and intimidates the owners to manage their books, inventory, resources and staff more efficiently. For one week she has the keys to the salon and utter dominion over it. Upon seeing her darken the doorway, most stylists shit their pants.

Tabatha is especially gleeful to watch because the woman just will not take an ounce of shit. She mercilessly dismantles illusions, excuses, disorganization and bullshit with her sly wit and snide comments. As a girl who has always liked an apt, albeit salty term, I have to admit I love her free use of profanity. It gives me simple joy to hear rude epithets roll off her tongue in that Australian twang. My mom turned to me during one past season and asked exactly what Tabatha meant by the terms "gobsmacked" and "fuckwit."

Most of the business owners and employees will admit to the camera they think she's verbally abusive, crazy, mean, a complete sociopath, but most of them just call her a bitch. Maybe, if you're a bitch first. But over the course of the show I have seen her coach people who are struggling and inspire confidence in them. Her comments about haircolor and styling to faltering stylists have helped me in my own salon work. She is a technical genius and has perhaps the best head for business I have ever seen, combined with lethal common sense. And so I appreciate Tabatha way beyond "bitch." It's a term she has come to embrace. In Tabatha's words, Bravery, Intelligence, Tenacity, Creativity, and Honesty make you a B.I.T.C.H. Pretty cool, huh?I guess I'm a bitch too.

Check out one of my all-time favorite episodes. These people are clueless. 

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Paige said...

Love this! Tabitha is amazing :)